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Chimney sweeping

Regularly having your chimney swept is essential to keeping it safe and efficient. Preventing the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide emissions.

Depending on fuel type, chimney size and roofing material will determine how many times per year your chimney needs to be swept.

How often should your chimney be cleaned?

Smokeless coals – At least once a year

Wood – Twice a season when in use

Bitumous coal – Twice a year

Oil – once a year

Gas – once a year

Biomass Boilers — Every 6 Months

Chimney Sweeping Certificate

After every sweep & smoke draw test a chimney sweeping certificate is issued showing the health of the chimney or any concerns that may require addressing to make it safe to re-use & also ensure the appliance & flue are up to current building regulations.

An in date Chimney Sweeping Certificate is required to validate your house insurance encase of a chimney fire

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