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Stove update in Shipton-On-Cherwell

We had been sweeping this customers chimney for last 2 years & we discussed that the stove in the recess was rather tight with not much room around the stove to breathe, the customer had had the chimney chamber lined in a pumice & stove installed by a company who have now finished trading & asked us if we could help & after talking & much advise later, the suggestion was to widen the recess opening & install a new stove, but keep original tiled hearth, ( luckily the customer had a spare one tile ) this would allow us to widen the recess by half a tile each side & install a concrete lintel 2 x brick courses higher allowing a bigger opening without major reconstruction work so customer agreed to have the recess widened, boarded out in heat resistant board to prevent plaster cracking as before, we installed a liner adaptor as a stainless steel liner was not required as it recently had a pumice one installed, this was connected to adjustable pipework to customers own new stove Aga Wenlock Classic painted out the recess in customers colours, laid new tiles & sealed all in place, not a major job, but has made a massive difference to the look, function & overall performance of the stove.. looks so much better now completed & customers redecorated sitting room frames it beautifully. a pleasure to do this & help out a very nice couple.

Many Thanks

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