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Stove Installation in Chacombe

Once again we had the pleasure of doing an installation in our own village, where owner is doing lots of refurbishment on his house especially the sitting room having lots of alterations & asked us to come along & discuss options he could have,

We decided on Clearview Pioneer 400 5kw Multi Fuel Stove free standing the the original chimney which would require building works to install a concrete lintel & widen the opening to allow a large enough space for the stove to sit in allowing a good air circulation, once we widened the opening & powerswept the chimney clean we had to remove 3-4 sections of clay liner due to tight bends to allow 155mm stainless steel liner to be installed, we boarded out the opening & installed a new slate hearth & reclaimed oak beam which we bolted & recessed to the wall, customer then asked if we could install an air vent within the recess to allow some heat to pass through to the dining room on the opposite side so we used diamond core drill to drill 5″ hole & vents to allow heat transfer,once we installed the liner we installed top plate, clamp & insert & new pot & cowl all neatly flaunched off with new cement, recess was painted by ourselves to match customers requirements & re-plastered the chimney¬†breast to leave a neat fresh look. as always its always a pleasure to do installations in our own village with continued support from our fellow villagers. Many Thanks

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