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Stable Conversion Thenford

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Installation of a jetmaster open fire box in to stone surround updating it from the very poor open fire previously here. In the first few pictures you can see the open fire grate is set back far in the 2ft deep recess with & 14″ liner opening above, so you can imagine absolutely no heat was coming in to the room, but plenty cold air being blown back down inside, as this property is set on an exposed hill with rather severe cross winds, due to customer wanting to keep the stone surround a free standing stove was out of the question so we looked into the Jestmaster low 600 open fire box 6.5 kw so we set about adapting the opening to fit the jetmaster, we cut the sides of the opening allowing the correct width with still enough left to allow the edges to overhang the stone, we removed the lintel & took some of the base stone to allow the correct height for fit, & refitted in situ & adjustments to supporting lintel, we used a 200mm stainless steel liner to a jetmaster staggered gather allowing us to clear the supporting lintel to the front of the opening allowing the liner to sit further to the rear of the void with the jetmaster being flush to the front. vermiculite mix used to fill the void around the jetmaster firebox keeping it extra warm, with the staggered gather also supports easier sweeping with no voids for soot to gather causing fire risk as all soot is funnelled back to firebox, we installed a new 600mm clay pot & cowl to ensure as much height to help with draw as possible & also prevent downdraught.

Stone fire surround was repointed to blend all mortar joints to same colour unlike previous attempts, the transformation from a cold draughty wind noise room to a very warm draught free efficient much more pleasing room is rather better & our customer was gobsmacked with the results.. again we are glad we could help





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