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Hotel Inglenook Lower Brailes

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We recently had a call to view the condition of the Inglenook open fire at a hotel owned by a brewery we do work for, as over the years the fire chimney has deteriorated  & smoke could be smelt in rooms above that the chimney passes through, Once chimney was swept clean & smoke pressure tested the conclusion was the chimney was breached in a few places as it passes through guest rooms above, so we were asked to reline the chimney but keeping it as original as possible, we gained access through the metal closureplate by cutting access panels either side of the canopy, after patching missing stone & mortar where chimney had deteriorated, we installed & bespoke stainless steel gather that was drilled & sealed to the original inglenook black fire canopy, installed wall supports for 250mm stainless steel liner which is then wrapped in a heat /fire resistant jacket to help keep the liner warm in the large chimney void & this also helps keep the heat in the liner & not in the chimney & also prevents fire spreading if that was to occur, if you look at the picture of fitting the jacket liner to the wall bracket, that is my blood on it..( no pain no gain apparently-Plenty pain alright !! ) It was a bit tight in places !! once liner is fitted & supported we clamped & plated off the liner at the top of the chimney stack & installed matching pots & bird guards to prevent bird entry, re-flaunched  the stack & smoke tested everything working fine, looking up the fire canopy you can now see the flow of how the gases will go into the new liner & not a big void, this also makes maintenance from sweeping easier & cleaner, & a lot more efficient, We then installed new angle bar & galvanised steel plating sealing off the chimney but still allowing access for inspections if required at later date, all paperwork, data plates & CO detectors installed. If you look at the Inglenook you cannot see any difference from original look except more efficient & much safer to use..

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