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Fire safety

Fire safetyAlways seek expert advice before reactivating and using an open fire.

  • Ensure there is proper ventilation in the room
  • Have the chimney swept regularly whatever fuel you use, to prevent build up of soot or ash.
  • Never leave an open fire unattended without a fire-guard.
  • Keep hair and clothes away from flames.
  • Always use a securely fitted fire-guard whenever children/animals are at home.

Tips for enjoying your open fire

  • Light the fire with matches, fire-lighters, paper and kindling.
  • Build the fire gradually and don’t over load it. Leave air pockets in the pyramid.
  • Empty and check the ash can every day. A build up of ash reduces the ventilation under the fire and makes it less effective.
  • Do not throw household rubbish on an open fire.
  • Keep fuel to hand in a scuttle or basket, but not too close to the flames.



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